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Astrology is purely based on Lagnum but not depending on Rasi only. Even though Rasi and Lagnum are like husband and wife Lagnum only Soul or Life but Rasi body only.

Even though Rasi Kattam is so beautiful with good configuration of planets If Navamsam, i.e. the 9 planets' qualification, grade, and standard is not good then the result will not good, even one can become a king in Rasi kattam, If in Navamsam the planets are not good and can become to look after a donkey. So, Navamsam is most important.

With the 12 matchings in marriage everything gets fine? No. which is not sufficient, more required is configuration matching, Rasi katta porutham. Yes, if in the Rasi Kattam, in 2nd place for family position, 5th the santhana sthanam and or poorva punnia sthanam, 7th place the life partner, kalasthira or thambathia sthanam, 8th sthanam, ayul and mangalya sthanam for ladies, 11th ,the second wife sthanam, to keenly watch them carefully. Why I am saying is one my clients, came to me and shown her daughters tragic failure in wedded life and asked me that even if 9 aspects got matched then why that tragedy happened, I cleared him that if the sthanam and the planet position are mis matched. Think and act carefully my dears.

Sevvai Dhosam is an extreme hindrance in many lives. 2,4,7,8, and 12 sthanams involves sevvai dhosams? . practically seen it is not like that, we can go further in deep and clear whether it is truly a dhosam or not?

sani, 'saturn' 7.5 sani in every human in every 30 years a traveller, comes and goes. If we thought It gave sorrows, sufferings and pains it is not true. It can't affect anybody, anytime. It purely depends on dhisa buddhi if it is not good then only bad things will happen. Even toughest 2.5 years period of astama sani also not create any thing bad but the dhisa buddhi will do if any defaults in dhisa buddhi and.

We can take 7.5 years sani, ashtama sani as only a tiny matter like pickles in a full leaf of meal and don't fear over them whereas janana jathagam only biggest thing and give them more importance.

We can discuss further.